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Need a good way to check whether your B-to-B content marketing strategy is positioned for success?

Try asking whether you’ve crossed all the “Ts.” Specifically:

  • Have you truly pinpointed your target audience? Residential construction professionals is not a target audience. Remodelers? OK, you’ve set your sights a bit more precisely. Window-replacement contractors? There you go. Now you’ve got an audience whose persona and interests you can truly focus on and seek to serve with your content.
  • Have you strategically chosen a theme around which to concentrate content planning and development. A theme that, ideally, has two things going for it: First, it’s of high interest and importance to your audience in their profession or business (even though it might be quite arcane or esoteric to people outside the audience group). Second, it resonates with your products, services and brand value proposition — but isn’t all about your products and services.
  • Within that theme, are you drilling into content topics likely to be most relevant and compelling to your target. While you’re at it, be sure to consider whether your audience is at a level where “101” how-to topics are going to be most interesting and useful. Or is yours a sophisticated audience where it will take “200-level” and even “300-level” subject matter to get them engaged and seeing you as a thought leader?
  • Are you planning to deliver content, or make it available, via channels (let’s call them touch points, so I don’t blow the “T” pattern) that work well for your audience and their lifestyle.

Content marketing is not rocket science. By the same token, it bears some resemblance to the multi-level levels of content marketing strategychess Spock and James T. Kirk played on the original Star Trek.

If you’re not thinking clearly and precisely about audience and content at these various tiers, your strategy will be fuzzy as opposed to focused.  And a fuzzy content marketing strategy simply will not work as intended.

Worse yet, there’s a good chance you’ll be viewed by the audience as adding to the disruptive marketing and media noise that bombards them daily. If that happens, it’s likely your marketing will be characterized by another T. The one where your audience elects to tune out your message.


What do you think? Did I miss one or more Ts that need to be considered and crossed to mount an effective content marketing strategy? Would welcome your comments and ideas.


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